Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

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For many patients, surgery may be the next step in finding effective relief of chronic sinus problems, but patients are concerned about the recovery and pain associated with traditional sinus surgery. Fortunately, CornerStone Sinus & Allergy Center offers an outpatient surgery option that is nothing like sinus surgery of old. We use only techniques, such as Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), that are focused, delicate, and effective.

Outpatient Sinus Surgery 

  • Outpatient procedure that takes about an hour
  • No packing required
  • Most patients breathe better through their nose right away
  • Post-op pain is mild
  • Patients typically return to normal activity in 3 to 4 days
  • Appropriate for patients as young as 4 years old

The goal of this procedure is to improve sinus drainage by enlarging the drainage pathways. This is most often involves removing nasal structures and expanding the openings of the sinuses. At the same time, the surgeon works to preserve the lining of the sinus, called mucosa, because it plays an important role in drainage. Balloon sinuplasty, also know as balloon sinus dilation, can be performed in combination with FESS, using the balloon dilation for the larger sinuses and FESS for the smaller sinuses that are not able to be dilated with a balloon.

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