Microsuspension Direct Laryngoscopy with Excision of Vocal Cord Polyp/Lesion

Microsuspension laryngoscopy with biopsy of the vocal cords is a commonly performed procedure when a patient has a growth or lesion involving the vocal cord. After the induction of general anesthesia, the surgeon will visualize the vocal cords using a rigid laryngoscope. There can be a risk of dental trauma or chipping of the upper front teeth during this process, but your surgeon will take appropriate steps to avoid that. Once the vocal cords are visible, delicate instruments are used to manipulate the vocal cords and take any biopsy any suspicious tissue. Mild hoarseness may ensue and in rare cases this may be permanent. Typically discomfort from this procedure is mild and short lived. The risk of bleeding, permanent hoarseness, or breathing problems is very low. Your surgeon will want you to avoid any excessive use of the voice, frequent coughing or throat clearing or whispering after the procedure.

In some cases, your surgeon will not perform a biopsy, but instead spends time repairing the mucosal lining of the vocal cord, injecting the cord to plump it up, or using a laser to remove unwanted lesions in the larynx. The postoperative course and instructions may vary a little in those cases, so ask your surgeon for specifics.